Season's Greetings from Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen

Date 1 dec. 2019
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A great joy of the holiday season is the opportunity to appreciate our relationships and our achievements.

As we are approaching the end of 2019 we may conclude on yet another very solid year for all our practices. We are thankful to our clients for continuously trusting us with assignments, and we are pleased with our expanded relationships with our international law firm friends. We are grateful to our employees and partners who remain dedicated to help achieve our clients’ ambitions, no matter when or where.

We have again this year been very fortunate to advise on some of the most exciting public M&A, private equity and capital markets deals, including the largest ever stand-alone acquisition abroad by a Danish company. The subsequent share issuance on Nasdaq Copenhagen was the largest ever made by a Danish issuer.

We have also had the satisfaction of promoting Tobias Bonde Frost from our own rank and file to our partnership. Tobias’ experience and determination will contribute to the development of the bonds with our corporate and private equity clients.

This year we have had the pleasure of seconding associates to our clients as well as having our associates participate in training programs abroad with international law firm friends. Our seconded associates have been working with clients in very different environments: from fighting food waste to the transport and logistics industry, and from start-ups to global blue chip companies. Such opportunities stimulate our associates’ understanding of the needs of our clients. In May 2019 we had a rewarding experience hosting our annual strategy seminar in Israel. The entrepreneurial technology buzz in Tel Aviv created an inspiring scene for all of us.

Unfortunately we experience a rising need to safeguard the fundamental freedom rights from political sentiments and extremist actions. Also in Denmark. We strongly believe all people are created equal and that the fundamental freedom rights are universal. Therefore, we have continued our financial support for Justitia, Denmark’s first independent judicial think tank, and for the AJC which is globally committed to combating the rising anti-Semitism and extremism and safeguarding the rights and freedoms of all people. We have also financially supported the 50th anniversary celebration of the iconic happening “The Female Christ” which took place at the old stock exchange building in Copenhagen in November. This happening focused on gender equality through modern art. We are also excited to have entered into a partnership with Copenhagen Pride, offering the organization legal support in the preparations ahead of hosting the World Pride & EuroGames in 2021, which is predicted to be the largest cultural event Copenhagen has ever seen.

Giving back to society is an integral part of who we are as a firm and as individuals. Providing financial support to children from indigent families remains close to our hearts. Each year we continue to donate to Børnenes Kontor, and throughout the year we financially support schools, academic events, sports clubs, charitable organizations and young artists across Denmark.

We look forward to developing our relationships in 2020!


Happy Holidays!