We are hiring!

Date 31 jan. 2019


For 10 years, we have been among the best and most active M&A law firms in Denmark. We enjoy recognition among the law students at the country’s four universities where we contribute with scholarships, lecturers, legal textbooks and articles.

We are a law firm with a very pronounced culture. We are driven by strong values. Our culture and our values affect our work in all regards. We focus uncompromisingly on providing our clients with the best experience each time. Maintaining an uncompromising focus is demanding. Nonetheless, we feel that it is the right thing.

We have never been the biggest law firm, nor do we have any ambition to be the biggest. In fact, we have a written-down grow slow policy. We see the value in being a place where everyone knows everyone and that in time, everyone works together in ad hoc teams. Our close and team based way of working is also expressed in our very low partner:associate ratio. All associates work closely with our partners from day one. This way, we create an environment in which learning and teaching are integrated in the culture.

Our junior and senior associates are given considerable and independent responsibility early on in their careers. Client meetings are not only for partners. Our associates are constantly placed in international and commercial settings, including by way of secondments with foreign law firms and with our clients.    

Our collective approach to our business is also reflected in our salaries. We do not operate with individual forms of remuneration at all. Once you are on the team, everyone with the same seniority is equally valuable. This lock step pay system presents high demands to quality of and solidarity between our employees and partners. We all have a responsibility for creating and developing the sense of being part of a community with a pronounced culture and strong values. In our experience, our culture, values and pay system supports ambitious and team oriented employees and partners who are driven by wanting to create big results together with our clients. This is why we believe that the lock step model is right for us.

Our culture and values produce many talented colleagues. We find it positive when former colleagues have become inspired to set up their own law firms or co-found startups, while others hold important positions both in the public and the private sectors, and with our competitors.

We spend a great deal of resources on creating a considerate and interested culture with a broad social vision. We engage in pro bono projects, e.g. within the fundamental freedom rights, and we are active supporters of associations and people in need. We believe that we all share a responsibility, both individually and jointly, to preserve and evolve our unique Danish society.

Our clients continuously entrust us with new assignments, and we are looking for senior associates whose interests lie within Dispute Resolution.

If you find our story compelling, we invite you to send us your application via  job@mwblaw.dk  along with your resume and grade transcript. You are also welcome to call Pernille Nørkær at +45 7070 1505 to inquire further.