Brief overview of Application process for gambling licenses

Date 20 sep. 2011
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Application process


Companies wishing to provide online gambling in Denmark must obtain a license and an authorisation from the Danish Gambling Authority. Licenses may be granted to companies provided the requirements set forth in the Gaming Act are complied with.

The application procedure will consist of an application form with certain appendices. The form will require disclosure of information relating to the applicant, the management of the application, and the technical specifics on the service the applicant wishes to provide.


All forms will be in Danish, and must, based on our initial correspondence with the Danish Gambling Authority, be submitted in Danish as well. Certain attachments may, however, be submitted in English, although that may prolong the processing time. The Danish Gambling Authority will provide translations of the application forms, and most of the related materials will also be in English.


For further details on the application procedure, please click on the PDF link to see our translation of the Danish Gambling Authority’s guidance.


Legal counselling


As acting legal counsel to the Danish Gaming Association, Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen will assist gaming providers with the license application procedure and beyond. Please feel free to contact us directly. You inquiries should be addressed to:


Claus Molbech Bendtsen, Partner, MBA, Ph.D.

Dir: +45 33 77 90 60
Mobile: +45 30 37 96 60




Kim David Lexner, Junior Associate

Dir: +45 33 77 90 46
Mobile: +45 30 37 96 46