The EU Commission issues a press release regarding investigation into the liberalisation of the Danish gaming market

Date 16 dec. 2010


On 15 December 2010, the EU Commission issued a press release in which it explains that it has opened a formal investigation into the taxation of revenues under the Danish Act on Duty on Gambling. At issue is whether the low taxes applicable to revenue from online casinos as compared to the taxes applicable to land-based casinos constitute an unjust competitive advantage for the online casinos. Additionally, the Commission has received complaints alleging that the Act on Gaming violates EU state-aid rules. Consequently, the effective date of the liberalisation of the Danish gaming market has been postponed, and according to some sources, the investigation will take at least 18 months.


The Commission has invited interested third-parties and other Member States to submit their comments on the matter, in order for the Commission to gain a better understanding of "the emerging and fast growing market of online gambling services in Denmark".


Since the legislation intended to liberalise the Danish gaming market can thus not come into effect, the existing rules on gambling will continue to apply.



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