Technology Companies

Denmark is amongst the most advanced countries as far as IT, technology and telecoms are concerned. The number of mobile and fixed telephone subscriptions, home computers and high speed Internet connections per inhabitant are among the highest in the world.


For a number of years, Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen’s attorneys have been at the forefront of these areas representing start-ups, venture capital funds and large international technology companies.


We have extensive experience in all areas of IT, technology and telecoms law. The IT, technology and telecoms sectors have experienced significant changes during recent years, both in terms of economy and technology. As a consequence, these sectors are characterised by frequent and large-scale mergers and acquisitions, restructuring arrangements, and finance transactions.


By combining our broad range of specialist know-how with our in-depth knowledge of IT, technology and telecoms law, as well as our familiarity with the practices of the industry, we are able to offer our IT, technology and telecoms clients a complete service within all legal aspects of such commercial sectors.




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