Dan Moalem has authored a chapter in a new book titled “The Danish Companies Act, the first 100 Years”

Date 19 feb. 2018


Dan Moalem has contributed a chapter (Takeovers and individual shareholder rights/Overtagelsestilbud og individualrettigheder (in Danish)) to a new publication (The Danish Companies Act, the first 100 years) (edited by professor Jesper Lau Hansen, University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law). The book follows a day long legal conference at the Copenhagen University in the fall of 2017 celebrating the Danish Companies Act’s 100th anniversary, where Dan Moalem gave a presentation covering additional takeover related legal topics.


In his contribution in the book, Dan Moalem analyses the nature of the rights provided for by the takeover regulation to a listed issuer’s shareholders. Dan’s hypothesis is that the Danish and EU takeover regulation provides individual rights (and not collective rights) to each shareholder, and therefore the board of directors and the general meeting cannot deprive a shareholder of its individual right to make its own investment decision once a takeover offer has been made public in accordance with Danish and EU takeover regulation.


The book also contains other contributions from practitioners and scholars from the Nordic countries. You may read more about the book and how to purchase it by clicking here.