Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen has a broad international perspective. Many of our clients are foreign companies, and the majority of our work is conducted in English. Assisting foreign companies that require legal advice on Danish commercial matters is a large part of our business.


Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen has significant experience with cross-border transactions and frequently assists in major commercial transactions.


We have close and well-developed relationships with several leading law firms in selected jurisdictions, from the best firms in Scandinavia to the leading firms in New York and the “Magic Circle” firms in London. Independent from any law firm alliance as we are, we are able to either recommend the foreign advisor best suited for the particular transaction or to work together with our client’s preferred local advisors. In both scenarios, we offer a “one stop shop” which means providing our clients with only one point of contact, one person responsible for the transaction, and one invoice.


We have an active and ambitious secondment programme for our attorneys and our aim is to provide them with the opportunity to spend at least a few months with a client or with a law firm abroad. Our secondments to e.g. London and New York give us the opportunity to develop legal and business contacts and in-depth first-hand knowledge of how the leading foreign firms do business. These insights make us even stronger when we represent our Danish clients abroad as well as when we advise our foreign clients in Denmark.


All in all, the combination of a close, but non-exclusive, relationship with the leading foreign law firms and a successful secondment programme provides us with the instruments to offer our clients a tailored, first-rate international service.