Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen Advokatpartnerselskab is a partnership consisting of eight partners.

The Partners have elected a board of directors consisting of three persons who are responsible for the general strategic management of the firm. The members of the board of directors are Dan Moalem (chairman), Pernille Nørkær and Henning Aasmul-Olsen. All board members are attorneys-at-law and Partners in the firm. The firm’s Managing Partner Thomas Weitemeyer attends to the day-to-day and administrative management of the firm.

Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen attorneys are all members of the Danish Bar and Law Society and are assigned by the Ministry of Justice in Denmark.

Our employees’ language skills include Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, German, English, French, Spanish, Hebrew and Chinese.

All of our employees are subject to a duty of confidentiality as well as internal rules that observe the Danish Bar and Law Society’s Code of Conduct and the Danish Securities Trading Act about the ban on insider trading and market manipulation.

Contact information:

Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen Advokatpartnerselskab

Amaliegade 3-5

DK-1256 Copenhagen K

Tel.: +45 7070 1505

CVR no.: 31627885